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Registered Charity number 1060035|Advanced Motorist Affiliation number 7182

Thinking of becoming an Observer? Every year we need new Observers so if you have passed your Advanced Rider Test, have good people skills and the desire to make a difference and to give something back then this could be for you.

Why become an Observer?

  • Become an even more skillful rider
  • Learn new skills
  • Get great satisfaction in helping others to be more skillful and safe
  • Perhaps even saving a life
  • Enjoy meeting new people and challenges
  • Be part of one of the most successful IMI groups in the country

When can I train?
We ask for new volunteers every Spring. You should normally have six months to a year of riding after passing your test otherwise it can be a stretch to be able to take it all in. The selection process normally starts in late February and a “Rabbit Run” is the beginning of your journey in which your ability to ride well and to demonstrate your potential is assessed over a very enjoyable two lap route.

How do I train?
Over a 12 week period (around six sessions) you will experience;

  • Some classroom learning
  • Riding role play
  • Being coached and mentored
  • Radio Work
  • Route Planning
  • Working with a live “victim” whilst being observed
  • Support and help from other Observers and the Training Team
  • Continuous assessment

When do I “Go Live”
Just as soon as you are assessed as ready and after skills day, when we will have plenty of new associates to get your teeth into!