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Registered Charity number 1060035|Advanced Motorist Affiliation number 7182

The best way to find out more about advanced riding is to experience it for yourself. We are ready to offer a free no obligation Taster Session to any motorcyclist in Nottinghamshire. The session lasts around 90 minutes. It includes a brief introduction to the principles of advanced riding. We will then take you on an observed run where you will lead and one of our National Observers will follow observing your riding style. There will then be a debrief where the observer will discuss your riding with you and comment on how the Advanced Rider Course may be of benefit. The ride will then continue with the observer leading and you following while the observer offers you a live commentary (you will have radio communications) focusing on aspects of your riding. The session closes with a final debrief to answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in a Taster Session with us please contact us by phone or email.